FacilityManager (EAM Software)
Site Licence

Pricing is determined by the size of your organisation, with no limit on the number of features you can use, number of users or records you can share. Pricing by your organisation size means we have the same interest in mind - to grow with you as you scale your operation.

Open Source Access

Where you need to customise FacilityManager to suit your requirements, this option gives you total control over your customization. Open Source Access is a separate additional cost to you license. It is available to Site License customers only.

Education Pricing

To qualify you must be an accredited primary or secondary school, public or private university or college, school district, or board of education. Contact Us for more information.

Step Back and Grow Option for Site License**

For the first year, using either Facility Manager EAM is one of implementation, adapting and learning. During this period a customer will be growing to use their full EAM potential and will not employ all the features and options available to them. So we have introduced our “Step Back and Grow Option”.
For the first year – dependent on the size of your organisation – you can step back your Annual Site License to the next lower option without loosing any benefits. So if your organisation profile matches (Option C) for the first year your Annual Site License will billed be Option B. This way you get the best financial benefits from your Compass AFM software.

Site Licence Pricing (Annual Contract)

For building(s) area up to 10K Sq M / (100K Sq ft)

For building(s) area up to 30K Sq M / (300K Sq ft)

For building(s) area up to 50K Sq M / (500K Sq ft)

For building(s) area up to 100K Sq M / (1.0M Sq ft)

For building(s) area over 100K Sq M / (1.0M Sq ft), Please contact us for a quotation.

Yes, please click here to request a 90 day free trial.

A User Account is anyone who has their own individual username and password to log in to the FacilityManager database. A ‘FileMaker User Connection’ gives the ‘User Account’ a simultanious connection to the FileMaker database host server. So a client of Compass AFM can have a large number users and only pay for the number of simultanious connections required.

FileMaker User Connections are simultanious connections to the FileMaker database host server via the Web, FileMaker Go App or FileMaker Pro for User Connections (FPUC).
NOTE: FPUC is used for connecting to a database on the FileMaker server only. It is not the same as the commercial FileMaker Pro application which is used for database development and is offered under an additional licence agreement.

The site license is calculated by the floor space of your buildings. For example if you have a single building with 4 floors and each floor space covers 7K sq M then you total floor space is 28K sq M and your site license will be SILVER. Floor space does not include buildings such as sheds etc., which are not permanently occupied by either people or plant and equipment.

A connection is a unique person who will need any type of access to the FileMaker Server. A connection can be via iPad or iPhone (FileMaker Go), Windows or Mac (Claris FileMaker Pro), or the web using a browser on any platform. While a customer can have unlimited users who can radomly login to Facility Manager, when they connect to the FileMaker Server they become a connection. The customer then needs to decide on the max number of simultaneous connections to the server they will need from among their users.

Claris FileMaker Pro is an application that is supplied as part of your license fee.

The minimum user / site license is for 1 year

Yes, please click here to watch a demonstration on YouTube.

We can set up unlimited user types with access levels according to your requirements. FacilityManager comes with 4 standard user types;
– Admin – Full access to all modules and layouts.

– Admin (No Delete) – Full access to all modules and layouts, but cannot delete records.

– Contractor – Limited access to view assigned remedial tasks / planned maintenance schedules and to submit work reports.

– Requester – Limited access to submit requests and view the history of their requests.

All Data residing on our secure servers is backed up on a daily basis both locally and remotely.

All software updates and upgrades are included in your license fee at no additional cost. New features and functions are rolled out to you (subject to informed approval) automatically.

Specific custom work to your organisation is billed separately.

Full helpdesk support is available to Facility Manager users at all subscription levels via phone, email and live chat.
If required Compass AFM can provide additional on-site support.

Pricing will not increase for the first 2 years of your contract, but may be modified at the time of renewal from year 3. Step Back & Grow is an additional discount for year 1 only.

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