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MONDAY 10TH – FRIDAY 14TH OCTOBER 2022 | 09:00 – 09:30

The Facility Challenge starting on Monday 10th August is designed to give you all tools you’ll need to build a solid facilities control system, ensuring you finish your working day less stressed and from a place of accomplishment…making it feel easy.  

And I would like to offer you a free invitation to attend.
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DAY 1 – HEALTH & SAFETY (Contractors)
On Day 1 we will look at interactions with contractors. Starting with who is working on your site? Just because you know the contracting company, does not mean you know the person(s) on your site. Are they qualified?, insurance & documentation up to date? And, we will look at the crucial differences between their and your risk awareness.
Monitoring and controlling your contractors by simply adopting a professional system. will make your day so much easier.
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Analytics (rowspan=2)
Today we are going to look at analytics. Many people input vast amounts of data in databases, but the key to success is analysing this data. How do you identify and react to repetitive pain issues? Do you always ask the 2 Golden Question? How do you analyse your energy usage?
I’ll take you through the simply process showing how performing analytics can greatly reduce your workload.
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Con 2 (rowspan=2)
There are many elements to remedial works that can be very administrative heavy. On today’s session we will look at how to eliminate ‘Nod & Wink” jobs, low requirement jobs and reduce your administrative workload by up to 50%. I’ll help you to identify how to claim these quick and easy wins.
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Schedule (rowspan=2)
The maintenance report is one of your most important documents, especially for high-value / critical assets. In this session, we will look at what is a properly written report and how to post-validate a maintenance service. Also how to combine lifespan remedial / maintenance reports to influence decision making when assets are or have reached end of life.
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ROI (rowspan=2)
Today we are looking at Return on Investment when purchasing a CMMS solution. It has been an eye opener over the years with so many organisations expressing some or total dissatisfaction in the CMMS they purchased. We will look at the three areas from which a win-win ROI can be achieved and how to avoid buying a CMMS that becomes a money pit.

In this series of 5 Day LIVE 30 minute challenge, you’ll gradually learn how to build a more controlled environment by learning easy and proven structures and processes.

Which means no more ‘I hate Mondays’ or  trying to attending management meetings, no more constant fire-fighting.

Sound good?

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