Customer support is the corner stone of CompassAFM operations. We understand that it’s not just our award winning software but our customer support delivery that is a huge part of the satisfaction our customers experience with our company. It is based on….

Courtesy – We always make time for our customers, what you have to say is important to us.

Integrity – We don’t make false promises, if we don’t know an answer we will say so and then go and find that answer. Being honest and transparent is essential to build long term relationships.

Perseverance – Where there is a problem to be solved, a new design requirement or other, we will keep going until we satisfy the clients requirements.


 We never assume that we know your business or requirements. Therefore we will spend the time in getting to know to you and what your organization needs. Where practical we will carry out site visits to both discuss and get a visual picture of your requirements.


This can be the most daunting part for a customer, therefore we aim to make it as easy as possible. We will work with you to transfer your existing data and installing software as required. We will help you chose the modules where you want to start; Help Desk, Planned Maintenance etc. Set up users and rights. Establish a training schedule, We will also have carried out any modifications, customized reporting etc, so FacilityManager integrates as closely as possible to your existing facilities management structure.


We employ “Task Based Training”, think of the difference between using SatNav versus a roadmap. With a roadmap you have to memorise multiple steps at a time and hope you don’t forget one of them – difficult. With SatNav (Task Based Training) you enter your destination and follow the instructions (tasks) one at a time – far easier and much faster learning curve. So we only train you on the modules you, your staff and your contractors want to learn now. The training can be provided in-house or online and we provide excellent video based training materials. We will have you confident in using FacilityManager in hours not weeks or months. In fact, FacilityManager is so easy to use that we customers who self-trained within a week.


We can in the early stages monitor your data entry, answer questions, make recommendations, encourage, listen, address any fears. We fully appreciate how daunting the transition to a full CMMS system can be and are there to provide the support.


When you become proficient in your initial choice of module, we will encourage use of new modules with all the necessary training etc. We want you to get the best possible usage and ROI from FacilityManager.


You will never become a “number” as our existing customers will confirm. Working with a CompassAFM customer is a team experience and often far more than just working with FacilityManager. We are happy to share our background experience in mechanical engineering and facilities management with you. We can offer insights into problem solving and more. Where possible we will arrange site visits several times per year to ensure all is ok and to build on our relationship. We can also offer extended data monitoring, assist in training new staff and much more.


As we always say, we may have built FacilityManager but it is the customer who is at the coal face using it daily. We listen and learn from suggestions made by our customers and often add these suggestions / ideas to FacilityManager. This goes with our policy of continuous improvement.

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