What is CompassASSIST?

CompassASSIST is a bespoke coaching / implementation programme that ensures the best possible financial and administrative results from your investment in either your own CMMS software or our own FacilityManager® CMMS. We will develop the plan parameters and assist in the tasks that your facilities team and all other ‘parties’ should take to achieve this objective.

Here are some of its components.

  • Project Goals & Objectives: The project goal is you achieve the maximum ROI from your CMMS investment, while the objectives are the key milestones or achievements that must be completed to reach it.
  • Success Criteria: This is an agreement between CompassAFM and you the Client to define the project success criteria (Scope, Schedule, Delivery, Satisfaction & Quality).
  • Risk Analysis: Use a risk assessment tool like a SWOT analysis to visually compare the risks v benefits of either remaining where you are or adapting to change.
  • Implementation Timeline & Milestones: Any implementation plan needs a clear agreed timeline as well as key milestones so that you can easily keep track of its progress to work successfully.
  • Team Roles & Responsibilities: A CompassASSIST implementation plan won’t work by itself. It will involve many people each with assigned roles and responsibilities to make up a successful team. Everybody has to work from the same script.

How does CompassASSIST work?

CompassASSIST is a bespoke combination of operational analysis, online coaching and change management.

Our Operational Analysis is a method of examining the current integration of your CMMS with current FM work practices and measuring that performance against an established set of cost, schedule, and performance parameters.  It should trigger considerations of how the CMMS investment’s objectives could be better met, how costs could be saved, and whether, in fact, the organization should even be performing a particular function.

Online Coaching – Are you open to changing or learning new FM work practices and policies? Are you open to being gently encouraged to do things that you know but are not doing? Are you willing to take action on agreed next steps to help you achieve your goals? Then working with CompassASSIST will greatly make working in your FM workplace easier.

Change Management – Dealing with employee resistance to change is troublesome at best, that’s certainly true when it comes to implementing change in the workplace. It’s unlikely that all employees will recognize the benefits of CompassASSIST beforehand. That’s why the right approach is so essential when implementing change in the workplace. We will meet, alleviate fears and coach any members of staff from the MD to administrative staff as well as internal and external contractors as required to ensure a painless adoption of any new work policies and practices.

What Benefits can I expect from CompassASSIST?

Reducing Helpdesk tickets and eliminating untracked remedial jobs.

Removing just 1 untracked Job per day equates to an annual saving of ± €20,000

Deep tracking maintenance activities and increasing lifespan of plant and equipment.

Increasing the average plant lifespan is equal to an annual saving of ± €16,000 / €1M of assets

Greatly reducing administration tasks with a paperless environment and improved communication network.

Up to 50% reduction in administrative costs.

Reducing energy usage.

Up to 3% reduction in energy costs.

Building long term and trusted relationships between customer and contractors.

Allowing informative data driven decisions and analysis.

Direct non-software facilities related problem solving and consultancy.

Real-time reporting on both remedial and maintenance activity.

Creating an Open & Transparent Environment, all access levels and controls are dictated by the customer.

Providing an easy and stress free transition from existing vendor / processes.

Reducing physical and legal risks, accidents and compensation claims.

Elimination of unwarranted fears, stress and unproductive administration and workloads.

What Options can I choose from CompassASSIST?

There are 3 options available;

  1. A 1 day Operational Analysis which involves an onsite visit to see how well your CMMS integrates with your current work policies and expectations. This will be followed by a comprehensive report, and we will alsoidentify if there are any quick fixes and wins that can be introduced. (€695 + VAT)*

  2. A 12-week Implementation Accelerator Programme. This will focus on your main area of interest (Help Desk / PPM / Working with Contractors etc.,) and will work to achieve the best possible financial and administrative results. It will be a combination of Online Coaching and Onsite visits. €POA

  3. The 12-month Evolution Programme. This will combine the full integration of your CMMS functions with operational procedures and policies. It will be a combination of Online Coaching, Training and Onsite visits €POA

* Does not include the cost of Travel or Accommodation requirements of CompassAFM staff outside ROI.