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Compass started up in 2009 as a CMMS software development company. However we soon realised that clients wanted more than just a “boxed” software supplier. Every company has their own unique approach to facility management and the majority of CMMS offerings cannot be modified or are incredibly expensive to do so. We chose a database engine that allows us to both quickly modify FacilityManager to meet a clients requirements but can be done ‘live’ so there is no down time.

We also decided that we would not offer a “yellow pack” solution to 100’s of potential clients but rather a bespoke package to a select portfolio of clients whereby we can offer an extremely high level of personal customer service. This bespoke package would also be attractively priced. Today, Compass AFM is a multi-award winning innovative developer of CMMS software, providing customisable software solutions for any size of organisation that require an effective way to manage their plant / energy / property assets and maintenance operations.

Our background is in mechanical / electrical engineering with many years of experience of working in facilities management so we understand our clients needs. This also gives us the capability of solving specific problems relating to non-software related asset maintenance / management issues.

Multi Solution Provider

  • Consultancy, development, implementation, CMMS software and a broad range of capabilities.
  • Focused on adapting to your needs not ours
Flexibility & Innovation
  • Fast response and delivery
  • Continuous product improvement based on user feedback.
Customer has 100% Control
  • Open & Transparent Environment, all access levels and controls dictated by the customer
  • Allows informative data driven decisions and analysis
  • Long term relationship building
  • Our goal is to be a trusted partner not just another vendor
We are Human
  • We express the truth as we see it and if we make a mistake we will not hide it.
  • We listen to ensure we understand our customers requirements.

We will only take on a contract if we believe we can create a substantial ROI for the customer

  • We believe developing long term customer relationships is more important than a quick sale.
No Data Trapping
  • All data remains permanent property of the customer
  • Always accessible at any time by the customer

Easy Implementation / Training

  • Days not months
  • We ensure minimum effort required by the customer
Single Site License
  • Integrated package, not 100’s of options and prices
  • Lower cost, less administration

We at CompassAFM listen to our customers and are proud that they consider us their partner. For more than 12 years, CompassAFM has been fulfilling a dream — to provide the best CMMS solution and support for every customer. It is that dream that drives us, that guides the spirit of constant innovation that has made CompassAFM a leader Facility Management software.

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Managing Director and Founder

From his experience in the Facilities Management (FM) sector Dominic identified a gap in the market and developed an award winning CMMS software solution to fill this niche. Dominic has almost 40 years industrial experience (mechanical & electrical engineering) having worked in several fields including machine shop tool rooms, electric cable processing and facilities maintenance. He has held senior management roles (General Manager, Operations Director, MD) in previous companies. Dominic is responsible for the strategic direction, technical development, and operational consulting services.

Director - Helen Murnane

Helen has several year’s experience in facilities management in the health sector. For many years Helen has dealt on the front-line with the public and contractors in the HSE. She uses this expertise in the development and implementation of company procedures.

Compass Key Team Members

Daniel Andersen-Tuffnell

Joanne Reynolds

Shaumit Saglani