Time Management

Time Management

We provide solutions that will reduce work overload and repetitive tasks allowing more effective time usage.
Addressing and reducing time wastage is an issue we often hear from facility managers. Time management is not something that generally comes easily, however self-discipline and having the right management solution will dramatically improve your working day.

Our Solution

Typically we can improve your time management by up to 30%.
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Areas of Time Loss


Managing operations while constantly acting as a "data centre operator" is a no win situation. Potential areas that relate to the solutions Compass provide include:

Time Loss Reason or Cause Our Solution

Help Desk Call Logging It takes on average 4.25 minutes to log a call via phone or email Online solution logging can reduce this to 1 minute. This is a saving of 22 hours per month (bassed on 100 call pw)

Help Desk Call Processing Including gathering info, this can take from 5 mins to over an hour Online logging, photo uploads and task assignment can reduce this by half.

Help Desk Updates Answering multiple verbal / email questions relating to a callout is a major time waster The requester receives updates via maintenance solution

PPM Assignment & Documentation Manually gathering information and communicating assignments is time consuming Solution based scheduling and document storage can allow the sending of formatted assignments (i.e. Pdf) in minutes

Management Updates Attending meetings and conference calls can take hours every month Solution based built-in reports allow management access to required information updates

Paper Chase

How many hours are wasted every month chasing reports from contractors, searching filing cabinets for that elusive document, etc. Areas that relate to the solutions Compass provide include:

Time Loss Reason or Cause Our Solution

Report Requests Considerable effort can be wasted chasing reports once the contractor has left site All reports are compiled and logged onto the solution daily before contractor leaves site

Document Searches Paper documents take time to find and older files might even be stored off site increasing the effort to find them All documents are stored electronically within the solution

Compliance Checks Checking expiration of work certificates, tool calibrations and other documents is essential for Health & Safety, yet again time consuming Solution based alerts in advance of expiration

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