Help Desk Management

Logging callouts and tracking the status of incidents is only the start of how your Help Desk solution operates.

Excel, online calendars or paper-based help desk solutions are too cumbersome, time wasting and allow for a multitude of issues to remain untracked both in labour and monetary terms. In today's business environment, accurate, transparent and easily accessible information is vital for ensuring effective help desk management.

Using a Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) solution such as either Service Desk or our full EAM Facility Manager has become an essential for any business wishing to efficiently manage their help desk operations in a paperless, highly informative environment..

Service Desk

If you are just starting with CAFM or working on a budget, then starting with our help desk software is the best way forward. Build a list of your requirements or if not sure ask us for advice.

While many other software packages offer fancy graphics and charts, at the end of the day ease of use and great data output are the most important considerations. We NEVER trap data so all information input always belongs and is available to the client.

The Help Desk Process

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The key to an efficient Help Desk, is to turn it into a paperless environment thereby minimising the workload of managers and engineers and at the same time keeping all parties involved fully updated on progress.

Help Desk Set Up and Implementation

We can show you how to easily transform your current help desk operation into a Cloud based paperless environment.
Typically requests can be logged in seconds, processing and assignment is many times faster than with paper, email, phone etc. Likewise all work and reports are logged online so information transfer is almost instantaneous.
Analytics show you expenditure and how improvements can be made.

  • A paperless ticketing environment
  • Easy and fast call logging
  • Centralised tracking
  • Prioritise workflow
  • Reduce expenditure and administrative hours
  • Track jobs from request to invoice payment
  • Reduce risk and comply with health and safety regulations
  • Improve service levels
  • Allows for 24 / 7 customer support
  • Efficient contractor management
  • Eliminate lost documentation
  • Historical incident database and analytics

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