Energy Management

Management, Reduction & Control

With Facility Manager you can examine your energy usage post meter. This means you can compare your meter readings / bills with your actual plant usage.
For instance your monthly bill for a building = € 5,200 and air-conditioning accounted for € 1,404 (27%) of the monthly usage.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 30 percent of energy used in a commercial building is wasted. Without data to specifically reveal where energy is wasted, managers are forced to play a guessing game.

The energy management tools found in Facility Manager and the experience of our technical experts typically can improve your energy efficiency and reduce usage and costs by more than 10%.

Sources of Energy Loss & Poor Control

Plant, Building & Equipment

Poorly maintained or old plant and equipment as well as badly insulated buildings will contribute to your highest energy losses. Potential areas that relate to the solutions Compass AFM provide include:

Inefficiency Reason or Cause Our Solution

Poor Maintenance Non-compliance by contractor, Incorrect work solution Tracking, validation and analytics of maintenance activities.

Inefficient Plant & Equipment Budget Restrictions Analytics to determine financial benefits of replacement.
Lack of New Technology information Advisory of new products and solutions

Inefficient Usage / Control Excessive output of energy combined with non-automated controls. Advisory of new products and solutions

Building Structure Poor insulation in building fabric or energy conduits. Advisory of new products and solutions


Staff expect to work in a pleasant, confortable environment, however individual preferences can result in considerable energy losses. Areas that relate to the solutions Compass provide include:

Energy Loss Reason or Cause Our Solution

Administration Limited or no tracking of energy usage. Advisory of new products and solutions

Manual Heating / Lighting Controls Thermostats set to high, lighting and equipment remaining operational outside requirements and work hours. Advisory of new products and solutions

Natural Airflow Free airflow corridors created by doors / windows left in constant open position Advisory of new products and solutions

Energy Saving Solutions

To enhance your energy savings and reduce your carbon footprint, the following are solutions that Compass AFM recommend.

Solar offers the opportunity to negate high electricity inflation locking in costs for 20 years thus providing a cheaper predictable alternative for businesses in the future.
  • 0% PV Carbon Footprint
  • Energy Savings Up to 40%
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The M2G temperature logic is used to eliminate nuisance boiler activity where boilers respond to their own fixed and predictable heat loss when there is no heating demand. Savings are achieved by measuring the temperature gradient over time of "boiler in" and "boiler out" water. Savings greater than 10% can be expected in addition to BMS. Savings range from 10% - 25% depending on controls and system set up.

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SolarCool's ability to massively improve the compressor's (air-conditioning) capacity substantially reduces waste energy - reducing overhead and therefore increasing profitability.
Saves vast amounts of energy, and therefore lowers your energy bill significantly. Massively reduces CO2, helping you reduce your carbon footprint.

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