Relationship Management

Even if you are on pretty good-to-excellent terms with your current customers, contractors and suppliers that doesn't mean you can't do even better. Our relationships are always worth taking seriously on every possible level.

Regional Pro extends the role of the CRM to envelope the communication needs (not just sales) of an organisation. Wether you are planning a new project, tendering work, etc., there will be a level of communication that needs to be recorded in a highly customisable environment. Every record within the Regional Pro CRM module is like having an individual Dropbox account. Regional Pro CRM helps businesses seamlessly manage marketing, sales, customer service, contractors and purchasing communications. Easy to use, this cloud-based front-office solution is an ideal starting point when engaging with new companies or people.

Communication is part of relationships and can be of many forms, verbal, email, texts, documentation etc. Regional Pro CRM allows you to track and store all of these for future reference. It also allows you to explore the Value Proposition of your communications. In the case of projects, the large volume of communication over an ofter considerable timeframe will also have a financial impact on your organisation. Regional Pro CRM allows you to track these costs and include them in the project of other expenditure. Our task scheduling / tracking feature ensures that communication follow-ups are not forgotten.

No barriers, no fuss - just one complete, cost-effective front-office solution designed to deliver a great communication / relationship experience.

  • Capture all of your business communication in a single, scalable system
  • Task tracking ensures follow-ups are not forgotten
  • Simplifies the way you create, share and collaborate
  • Never lose emails or other correspondence again
  • Efficient customer / contractor relationship management
  • Reduce expenditure and administrative hours
  • Give interested parties secure remote access to share documents and communication
  • A paperless communication environment

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