Site Audit & Consultancy

With our many years of experience, Compass AFM offers client specific independent consultancy services that can support your facilities and asset management requirements. Many organisations recognise that their facility management operations are not working efficiently, but cannot identify the problems.

One of the best starting points is to obtain a site audit.

Get a FREE Site Audit for your business

This is a zero risk decision with benefits. Do you believe you have the ideal facilities management solution, then we challenge you to take our site audit. If we confirm your beliefs and fail to discover any substantial issues, then the audit will be free*.

However if we do discover any issues, then firstly you will have the benefit of knowledge from our identifying the issues that you can then undertake to resolve. If you decide to allow Compass AFM to work with you in resolving these issues and you decide to become a client of Compass AFM and purchase an annual subscription to our CAFM solution, then again the cost of the audit will be refunded against your first years subscription.

Whatever way you look at it, it is a win-win situation for your company.

What is a Site Audit?

Our Site audits is an unbiased, independent snapshot of your facility management operation and visual assessment of your assets. We will utilise our knowledge and expertise to tell you what is good and what is not so good about your site (or as we say – where you have challenges and opportunities).

Why You Need a Site Audit

There are several good reasons;

  • So many times clients were absolutely sure they had some form of issue or none at all. Without doing a comprehensive Site Audit, as well as looking for issues they "knew" existed, they may also be wasting valuable resources trying to resolve issues that don't exist.
  • If you are using an Excel or paper based solution then you may not be managing enough "top level" information to be as effective and efficient as you could be. This could also mean your organisation could be exposed to three levels of risk - monetary, legal and performance.
  • If you have multiple properties across a city or country, there may be gaps in control that can be easier seen from an outsiders viewpoint.
  • How do you manage the validity of maintenance on remote assets or sites that you may not visit from one end of the year to the next?

These Two Things Must Happen Before Your Audit Begins

Before an audit begins we have these two requests:

  • Information on your organisations maintenance history, past issues, and management methods. Treat this like a visit to your doctor. Sure you don't like telling him that like cigars, but if he is going to give you a proper diagnosis, he needs to know. Same here. Don't hide anything, you will only hurt the auditor's analysis and getting to the root of your issues.

  • Access to your plant rooms and contractor reports. Your auditor can't do a proper job if they can't view the data that they need.
Data is vital to a proper analysis.

What Does an Audit Look Like?

Everyone presents data interpretation in their own way, so there is no right or wrong way to present or interpret the data as long as it works for you and you get the value needed from the audit. Our audit will include:

  • Summary Analysis with Points of Action: Your audit is going to contain a lot of information. Your audit will contain a summary analysis that helps you quickly understand where your management operation stands, what the issues are and where your points of action are going to be.

  • Past Maintenance Activity: An analysis of report documentation received from contractors, how it is stored, how it has been acted upon and your own documentation in relation to future planned maintenance.

  • Documentation: An examination of your plant asset register, current plant valuation and future plant budgeting.

  • Contractors: An examination of records kept in relation to their qualifications and skills as well as equipment certification.

  • Plant Analysis: A visual assessment of your plant assets and comparison against contractor documentation.

  • Site Analysis: A visual assessment of your plant locations with emphasis on health & safety and the environment.

  • Red Flag Warnings: Your analysis will contain references to any potential serious site issues. These will be backed by evidence either written or photographic.

  • Actionable Recommendations: Every site audit will have actionable recommendations that will help you implement the findings of the audit.

Audit Costs

* Typically an audit lasts 1 day and costs € 790.00. (T & C's apply outside ROI)

However, this is fully refundable if you become a client of Compass AFM and purchase an annual subscription to our CAFM solution.

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